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2016 We Gave Back $….| Denver School Photographer

At Bloom Schools we are so proud to have a program set in place to give back to the schools we photograph each year. We love helping our community in anyway we can and what better way than to support the education of the future of this country?

We are happy to report that in 2016 Bloom Schools Photography gave back:

$11,700 to schools!

Happy new year schools and we can’t wait to make more memories with you next year!

Interested in booking Bloom Schools Photography?

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The Goddard School of Broomfield – Give Back | Denver School Photographer

As the summer revs up here at Bloom Schools, we can’t help but look back on the amazing season we had this past spring! We are so happy to begin prep for the fall 2016 season with lots of new things on the horizon. So keep a look out!

Here at Bloom Schools Photography, we give back 10% of any purchase over $25 to the schools we shoot at the end of each picture season. We do this, to show our support of not only the schools/students we photograph but also to the surrounding communities they’re located in. Here we are with The Goddard School of Broomfield and their precious students! We can’t wait to see them again come fall!



Family Picture Day | Bloom Schools Photography

Family Picture Day in Minnesota with the Sauerwein Family. Thank you Sauerwein’s for a fun family photo session and thank you for giving back to your children’s education.

Look out for Bloom Schools this Fall season we may be at your school photographing your kids for Picture Day! If your school is looking for a new photography company come check out Bloom Schools, we promise an effortless and unique school Picture Day experience.

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Family Picture Day | Bloom Schools Photography

Bloom Schools enjoyed a fun summery family session with the Grube’s this past weekend. Bloom Schools Family Picture Day offers your family a fun and affordable photo session for $75 with $50 of that going back to your child’s school as a give back. What can you loose!

Thank you Grube family for giving back to your children’s education!

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