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How to dress your kids for picture day | Denver School Photographer

School picture day can be one most stressful days of the years for parents! We’ve complied some easy tips to dress your kids for school picture day.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

The biggest advice we can give is to make sure that your kids are comfortable in their clothing for picture day. You don’t want them to be fidgeting around, itching or uncomfortable when they sit down in front of the camera. Dress them in their favorite outfit or something they have worn before. Don’t be afraid to make them stand out! A vibrant outfit is always better than muted colors.

14-School Photography_3

2. Consider the background
When you are dressing your children for picture day consider what the background of the photo will be. You want their outfit to compliment the background not clash with it. Colors in the same family work well. Don’t be afraid of a bold graphic or pattern. Mixing and matching can be fun as long as the colors blend.

3. Look at their eyes
You can really make your kids eyes pop by wearing colored clothing that compliments their eyes! Blues with blue eyes are gorgeous and darker eyes deserve a bold color!

4. Accessorize
Accessories can add a lot to your outfit. Keep it to one accessory though. If you are wearing something that is too big or flashy it can become the focus point of the photo instead of your kids.

02-School Photography_4

5. Let their personality shine!
Let their personality shine.  If your kids are eccentric let them wear the clothes they want to wear. Pictures Days are meant to create lasting memories of how your child was at that point in time of their life, don’t take away from that by limiting or choosing their clothing for them.

6. Check out our Pinterest Styles for Clothing Inspiration:

For Girls

For Boys

Let your kiddos show you what they like and have an opinion into their outfit decision. Make it a team effort and a bonding experience! The night before picture day lay out the outfit you chose together and have a easy morning getting dressed! Everyone is happy and it will shine through in their photos!


DDES | Denver School Photograher

School season is creeping up friends! We begin our Fall school portrait season with DDES here in Denver in only a couple weeks!

Parents get out there and find the brightest and boldest outfits for your children! We love bold looks with bold attitudes!

We are so excited and ready for your children’s best smiles! See you soon Denver and Minneapolis!

Want us to photograph your school? Give us a call at 855-632-5666

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Now Booking for Spring and Fall 2015 | School Picture Day

Now booking schools for the 2015-2016 school year for school picture day!

We are, Bloom Schools! We are a photography company specializing in school portraits for kids in preschool to grade school. Bloom offers a fun and unique photography experience, while offering a great way to fundraise for your center or school.

Bloom Schools Photography is serving both midwest and southwest regions and has offices located in Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN.


CALL NOW to speak with someone who can help you start the process. 1.855.632.5666

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Now Booking Schools for 2013-2014 | School Photography

Are you over those outdated “Lifeless” school pictures?  

 Bloom Schools is now booking schools in the
Rocky Mountain and Mid-West Regions for the 2013-2014 school years.

Bloom Schools offers fresh, fun, and affordable school pictures from daycares to middle schools and everything in between. We take great pride in capturing your child’s personality while offering a fresh take on traditional school photography.


Middle School Photography

Middle school is when children become teens and teens are 13 going on 30. For most parents, this is the last time they will get school portraits until their child’s high school senior photos.  Let Bloom Schools document this last stage in your child’s life before they are driving away.

To learn more about Bloom Schools, and to get Bloom in your school, contact us at