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I am the coordinator at my school and love what I see! I am interested in learning more about your services; what should I do?  If you are a School Representative, please contact our school division headquarters in MN to consult with a Bloom Schools representative by calling 1.855.632.5666

I am a parent who is involved at my child’s school and would love to see Bloom Schools photograph my child’s next school portraits. What should I do? If you are a parent who would love to have Bloom Schools photograph your school’s portraits, we are more than happy to provide you with the necessary materials to bring to your next PTA meeting or submit to your child’s school coordinator. Please fill out and submit our simple BOOK A PICTURE DAY FORM and we will be in touch with you shortly.

My child is adorable, but are there any tips you have for helping them look great on picture day?  The best thing you can do to ensure your child has a successful picture day is to make sure they get plenty of rest the night before and a healthy breakfast in the morning. When choosing the perfect outfit for your child’s school portrait, keep in mind that solid  colors tend to photograph best. At Bloom Schools we love color so don’t shy away from a fun bright accessory to add a pop of playful interest to your child’s portraits. For trendy style suggestions check out our PINTREST PAGE

I can’t wait to see my child’s school portraits. How do I view and order my favorite images?  Approximately 3 weeks after your child has been photographed, a private proof gallery of your child’s best images will be available through our secure website. Your school will be notified when your child’s private gallery is ready for viewing. Ordering can be done directly from your proof gallery.

Oh N0! I lost my Access Code (password) and  can’t view my child’s private proof gallery. What should I do? No worries. Your school or director has access to you code or you can just give us a call at 1.855.632.5666

I’m having a bad day and want a refund.  What is your refund policy?  All of us at Bloom Schools Photography hope that this will never be the case.  However, if you are really unhappy let us know.  We can’t refund your money but we can work with you if the issue is print quality. Contact us and we’ll help ya out.

I can’t wait to get my child’s school portraits! When can I expect them? Prints and packages will arrive to your child’s school approximately 3 weeks after your school’s ordering deadline date. They will come home in your child’s backpack so keep a close eye out!

I can’t believe it! I actually LOVE my child’s school portraits. Can I order more?  Of course you can! But don’t delay. If you order before your schools order deadline you will have the option of free shipping to pick up at your child’s school. If you missed the order deadline don’t worry you can still order for up to 6 months after picture day, you’ll just incur a shipping and handling charge.

My child missed school picture day. Can they still be photographed? No problem. We understand that some children get sick or are out of class for whatever reason. Check with your child’s teacher to find out your school’s picture re-take date or just give us a call and we can work something out for you.

I missed the ordering deadline for my child’s school. What can I do? If you missed your school’s ordering deadline, you can still submit an order using your child’s private proof gallery on our secure ordering website. However, your order will not arrive at your child’s school along with other student orders and may take additional processing time. Please be advised that your order will also be subject to a shipping fee.

I love my child’s school portrait and am interested in having my whole family photographed. Does Bloom offer family sessions?  Yes, we have a Family Picture Day Fundraiser that every family can participate in based on the season your child was photographed. Choose from pre-selected dates and locations and with online ordering. Sessions are $75 with packages and prints sold separately. With every session booked Bloom Schools Photography will donate $50 back to your child’s school! To book a family session give us a call.

What if this page did not answer my question? All of your questions are important to us. If we did not answer your question, please feel free to give us a call at our school division headquarters to speak with a Bloom Schools representative. 1-855-632-5666