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How to let their Personality SHINE on Picture Day | Denver School Photographer

This is simple. Let them be them. Each little one (or big one) out there, has their own personality, style and character. As a photographer, that is what we want to capture most. We want to see the real happy kid shine through. That is what we are here to capture. Something that they and you can look back on and say yes, that is who I was in that moment.

How to shine on picture day

 Let them choose their outfit. 

Let them choose their accessories.

Don’t make them smile.

Help them feel comfortable in front of the camera, by practicing posing.

How to shine on picture day

That is it. Just let them be them. We will take care of the rest.

In what ways do you let your child shine? Share with us in the comments below. If this article helped you, share it with other parents as well. We look forward to capturing those special personalities on school picture day.


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