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My School Preschool Receives Donation | Denver School Photography

We want to thank My School Preschool for another great Fall Season with Bloom Schools Photography!

We were able to donate a portion of our proceeds back to the school as part of our Giving Back Program!

Thanks for your hard work, we look forward to Spring Picture Day with you!

My School Preschool is located in Greenwood Village nestled in a sweet neighborhood and connected to a church. My School Preschool has a unique and genuine connection with their parents, they truly respect parents and encourage their involvement, and so do we! Thank you so much parents for your involvement this fall season. Your picture day purchases resulted in a give back towards your child’s school!

If you are interested in booking your school for their picture day in 2015-2016 click here to request our info packet or call this number 1.855.632.5666 to speak with your local school picture day coordinator.