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Art in Bloom Foundation

With his educational background in Fine Arts and many years of experience working with children, owner and founder of Bloom Portraits, David Schmidt, understands the integral role the Arts play in healthy childhood development. Today we know that art education is central for stimulating healthy socio-emotional, motor and cognitive development in childhood, all vital to the success of every child. At Bloom we believe that art provides a most natural canvas for expression and learning.

Art in Bloom is David and Bloom Portraits’ response to this belief. Each quarter Bloom Portraits will partner with a local children’s organization to provide photography services and art supplies they need the most. Throughout the quarter Bloom can provide everything from event photography to updating head shots. Bloom will team up with our clients as well as local art supply businesses in collecting donations to be distributed to the chosen organization at the end of the quarter. Our mission is simple: to provide local schools and child servicing organizations, with the art supplies essential to their continued growth and thriving. Our hope is that every child would have access to the art education necessary to allow their creativity and talent to blossom into full Bloom!