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2016 We Gave Back $….| Denver School Photographer

At Bloom Schools we are so proud to have a program set in place to give back to the schools we photograph each year. We love helping our community in anyway we can and what better way than to support the education of the future of this country?

We are happy to report that in 2016 Bloom Schools Photography gave back:

$11,700 to schools!

Happy new year schools and we can’t wait to make more memories with you next year!

Interested in booking Bloom Schools Photography?

Give us a call at 855-632-5666


Art in Bloom Foundation- Quarter 1 | Art in Bloom Denver

The Art in Bloom Foundation and Bloom Portraits is very excited to announce the first quarter’s Art in Bloom Foundation recipient for Denver!

The Denver studio’s Art in Bloom Foundation recipient is… (drum roll please)….

 Project YES!

Stay tuned to see how we are working with each of these great organizations and how you can help improve the lives of children through art!

Project YES | Art in Bloom | Bloom Portraits

Art in Bloom Gives to the Children’s Hospital Colorado | Bloom Denver


Today was drop-off day for Bloom Portraits Denver’s Art in Bloom Foundation! David and Caley put together 100 art kits so the kids at the Children’s Hospital Colorado can have some fun this holiday season. Kids need choices, whether it’s what lunch to get at school, or which art project to do. Because Art in Bloom did not want to limit each child’s creativity, we donated 50 princess crown kits and 50 mustache kits. Each kit included the necessary supplies to make either a princess crown on-a-stick or a mustache on-a-stick.

Would you love to partner with Bloom Schools by making  an art supply donation to Art in Bloom?  Call your nearest Bloom Studio to find out what organization Art in Bloom is partnering with this quarter and how you can get involved.

Denver: (303) 825-1974  |  Minneapolis: (952) 473-3838  

Bloom Portraits at the Denver Children
Bloom Portraits at the Denver Children
Bloom Portraits at the Denver Children
Bloom Portraits at the Denver Children
Bloom Portraits at the Denver Children