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Why your Kids Shouldn’t have to Smile | Denver School Portraits


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Some kids are just not smily. And that is ok! Kids can be cute in all ways. Forcing them to smile can sometimes create a look opposite from what you want. Letting a kid be themselves is the best way to capture their true personality and a beautiful image.

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But most of the time we can get them to smile! Don’t worry. We know what we are doing!

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Why your child shouldn

Affordable clothing brands for school picture day | Denver School Photographer

Let’s face it, kids clothes can get expensive! They grow out of them so quickly. Plus kids love to play outside and the wear and tear can certainly get to clothes more quicker that way. Here are our favorite places for affordable kids clothing.

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1. Target. Target always has up to date styles on all its clothing. They have nice bright colors and fun looks that will be sure to make you and your child smile.

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2. Goodwill and Arc Thrift Stores. These are two of my favorite places to shop. If you have the time, they are a gold mind! I’ve found some wonderful name brand like new clothing for way cheaper than I would usually pay. Plus they are great for the environment as well as the pocketbook.


3. Consignment stores. A step up from the thrift store and a bit pricer. But they are still great for the environment and you when your kids are growing so fast out of everything!

Where are your favorite places to get affordable fashion for your kids?! Share with us in the comments below! We cannot wait to see what you choose for your school picture day.

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How to teach your kids to pose for picture day | Denver School Photographer

Some kids are just born to pose. Others need a just a little help. That is where we come in. As photographers, we specialize in making everyone look great in your photos. Here are a few tips we use when trying to get our subjects to loosen up and let the real them shine through.

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1. Shake it out. This is a great way to get a child to loosen up and get a bit silly. Shaking out the nerves is a great way to start any session.

2. Make them say a funny word. “Boogawooga” “Chicken fart” anything with bodily functions will sure to make them smile easy peasy.

3. Tell them not to laugh. Reverse psychology works every time.

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4. Hands on the hips. This is an easy way to get some attitude asap.

5. Arms crossed. One of my favorite and go to poses, but it can be a bit tricky for everyone!

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6. The cool guy or gal. Now they are relaxed and getting them into a legs crossed, leaning pose will have them model ready by the end of their turn!

Have your child practice and you adjust all the poses. Remember with all of these tips, practice makes perfect. The more practice, the more comfortable they will be in front of the camera!

How do you get your child ready for school picture day? Do you have a ham or a shy guy?  Share with us in the comments below. If these tips helped you out, let us know and don’t forget to share!

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The Best Accessories for your School Picture Day | Denver School Photographer

Accessories can make or break an outfit! On school picture day you want your child to stand out and feel their best! Accessories can do that! Here are a few of our favorites!

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1. Hats and hair accessories. No baseball hats. But stylish hats. Fedoras, boys and girls can use them. For the girls, bows or headbands or even head wraps!

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2. Watches and bracelets. I love when kids love something so much they just have to wear it at all times. THAT is them. Let them be them and wear that favorite watch or pile of bracelets! It will be a great reminder of what they loved when you look back on your school portraits.

3. Necklaces. If it is a macaroni one or a big shine one. Either way, it will show who your child is!

4. Ties & bowties. I love when little boys dress up for school picture day, only because you don’t see it so much anymore. Plus looking like a little man is complete adorable! Let them pick a tie or bowtie that has a funky color or pattern to let their personality shine through.

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The take away for accessories? Letting your child be a part of the decisions and letting their personality shine through! Would you let your child help pick out their accessories for school picture day? What are your favorites to let them wear? Share them in the comments below. And if this helped you share it with other parents that might need some tips too!


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Why you let them be BOLD on picture day | Denver School Photographer

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School picture day comes once a year. Sometimes twice. Why you should let your children be bold on school picture day? Because this is the one day where everyone dresses to the nines. This is the one day where they can shine and you can capture that. It is the one day to build confidence in your child. Confidence is key. Let’s grow that confidence together.

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