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What are we?

Bloom Schools delivers fun, fresh and affordable school portraiture taken in a setting that allows each child to be themselves. Get Schooled is our affiliate program – we understand that there are slow times in the lives of the self-employed. As a professional photographer, you may be looking for ways to supplement your income. If you understand that students are more than just a head tilt on a blue background, then join Bloom in saving picture day one school at a time!

Our mission is to create opportunities for local professional photographers to grow their business within their communities while giving back to education. At Bloom, our core values are community, sustainability, philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Being an affiliate allows for balance in your professional/personal life by taking out the office work and allowing personality and energy to be your driving force.

Bloom Schools offers all the training you need to set yourself up for a successful venture into school photography. We offer hands-on training and picture day walk-throughs as well as safety and marketing training. When you leave Bloom Schools’ training days, you will be fully equipped to start booking schools and gaining extra income from the work you love. Pay is commission based, and bonuses are available.